15 Aug Want your company to be #1, look to Team USA

The United State has dominated the Olympics since its modern-version began in 1896. With the exception of the 1980 Summer Olympics (which the USA boycotted), American athletes have won more gold and overall medals than any other country at the summer games. There are many reasons why our country dominates such events, confidence, numbers, resources, but the number one reason – diversity.

The USA represents a melting pot of diverse thoughts, cultures, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. We thrive because we can rise to challenges with different perspectives and abilities. In the past our number one competitor at the summer games was Russia, and now China. China certainly matches, and even can exceed, our resources and numbers – it is our ability to harness our diversity that pushes us ahead of other countries.

When building a company, we need to use the same tactic in order to inch out our competition. This means at ALL levels. Look around your boardroom or executive team, if you see a high percentage of the same type of person, the company is missing out on a huge opportunity. It might be time to invest into diversity and equity training for your leadership – and then company wide. It might even be time to rethink the structure of your company all together. Capturing a diverse voice is a strategic edge that is untapped in many companies, and now is your chance to get on get the advantage.

This type of training need not be reserved for the huge multi-national firms. It can be done in bite-sized bits, from a company of five to a large-multi-office organization to a small non-profit; there is nothing that should keep you back. As a former Marketing Director, I shudder to say this, but – just charge it to marketing! It will be the best ROI for strategy you’ve spent all year. Think like an Olympian and go for Gold!