We believe that each challenge brought to us requires a custom solution. The structure of Fantail is intended to create a specialized program to precisely address your needs. Below is some of the business, marketing, and organizational effectiveness services Fantail offers our clients. Please contact us to learn more of what we can offer.

Organizational Change

We live in the world of People Possibilities. Working in collaboration, our consultants will design specific programs to elevate your team, leaders, and company to a new level. Our team specialized in helping to elevate effectiveness and highlighting our best selves.


From 30,000-foot level observations and detailed marketing system analysis, to marketing planning and budgets, to digital marketing and content creation, we are here to help showcase your strengths.

Business Solutions

Business strategy can be a daunting task. Our team specializes in engaging strategic planning and conversations. Our planning session are interactive and fun, creating a plan that is actionable with built in budgets, analysis, and strategies.


Fantail Collaborative, a certified Women Owned Business, is a unique venture drawing upon a vast system of independent consultants to create the perfect fit for your project needs. Together, we bring a diverse and proven experience in a range of topics, with an elevated ability to serve clients through our collaborative style.

Our group’s members have been strategically selected for their knowledge, ability to serve clients, and collaborative style. By creating a space to come together, we can either work independently or choose to engage our peers for the best outcomes. This style of engagement helps us be nimble and serve our clients’ needs at the highest level.

The New Zealand fantail is a joyful bird that has a swift flight pattern. The name Fantail as an homage to the founder’s New Zealand heritage, and is relevant to our business collaborative since, by nature, Fantails are equally happy working independently or working in a group.

Contact Hanna: hanna {at} fantailcollaborative.com

Hanna Richards-James founded Fantail Collaborative to offer a space for individual consultants to come together and work in teams to best serve our clients. Contact her at hanna {at} fantailcollaborative.com


Hanna Richards-James is owner and principal consultant of Fantail Collaborative. She has fifteen years experience in marketing and business, and organizational effectiveness. With a Masters in Organization Leadership, Hanna brings coaching, training elements and programs to create strong leaders and develop healthy organizations. Her particular interest is fostering environments that promote diversity, focusing in the development of women in leadership.

Hanna Richards-James

Owner, Principal Consultant

Let’s be honest — the web’s already bursting with content. But it’s got a bit of a quality-control problem. Making your message heard above all the mindless chatter is going to require more than just another humdrum writer; you need the skill of a seasoned, sharp-eyed communicator capable of driving online conversations and not just rehashing them. Erin brings a broad background in journalism, copywriting and cross-disciplinary editing to bear on projects of all sorts. And she’s a photographer, too! To see some of her work go to www.ejbwritingstudio.com

Erin J. Bernard

Copywriter, Editor and Photographer

Dalene has nearly 10 years experience as a marketer, working mainly with general contractors and engineering firms. She offers services in proposal coordination, event planning, website updates, award submissions, and administrative support. She's also a certified NASM personal trainer.

Dalene Schafer Bloom

Marketing Consultant, Owner Bloom Consulting

Xylia is a writer, communications strategist, and marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience in the fields of art, architecture, and design. Throughout her career, she's served as a one-woman marketing machine at top architecture firms, event planner, record label publicist, and magazine editor. She brings boundless energy, a sharp eye for details, and organizational prowess to each and every project.

Xylia Buros

Principal Consultant, Xylia Buros Consulting

John’s passions intersect at the heart of leadership, creativity, conflict, rhythm, and culture. Like a deep yoga practice, he works to leave individuals and organizations feeling connected, aligned, and flowing with clear purpose in action. Inspired by world wisdom traditions and ecology, he draws on the wisdom of the body as a central framework for change, tapping renewable energy for high performance across organizational levels. You can reach John at johnclaytonstewart {at} gmail.com

John Stewart

Drummer, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Who are you trying to reach and what do you want them to feel, think or do? That’s the question behind all of Norma’s work, whether she’s writing your new website, strategizing for that big proposal, honing your messages, or otherwise helping your marketing and communications thrive. Her expertise stems not only from three decades in the business but also never-ending learning and a passion for clarity and words. norma@leapstrategies.net

Norma Dulin

Marketer and Writer, Owner Leap Strategies

Rick is a leadership explorer, coach, consultant and author. As principal and “chief inspiration officer” of ambient, inc., Rick’s work is to assist leaders achieve greatness through self-exploration, collaborative dialogue and adaptive action. Rick has engaged and worked with inter-disciplinary leaders in a variety of contexts, most recently in the BC health care environment. He has experienced first hand the benefits of the synergy that is created when the rich diversity of people - their gifts, talents, skills and experience - are allowed to flourish.

Dr. Rick Thomas

Principal Consultant, Owner of ambient, inc.

A talented marketing and graphics consultant Lyndsay has worked with the some of Portlands most talented architecture design firms. Her services include: proposal development and coordination; graphic design; direct mail campaigns; event coordination; and website updates. Lyndsay is the owner of Lair Hill Consulting.

Lyndsay Huffman

Marketing Consultant, Owner Lair Hill Consulting

Breanna is a collaborative consultant working with organizations to build their capacity to take on the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. By applying systems and design thinking, as well as an understanding of adult learning theory, Breanna helps teams find new solutions from within their own knowledge and experience. She holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership. Contact Breanna directly breanna@trygg.consulting

Breanna Trygg

Collaborative Consultant, Owner Trygg Consulting


Marketing Planning & Budgeting

Marketing planning and budgeting can be overwhelming. Looking at your strategic plan, we'll work with you to create a marketing plan and budget that helps you achieve your goals!

Systems Mapping

Not sure where to start? No problem, we can help with that. Let's talk strategy. Our team specializes systems mapping for your business, human systems, and marketing departments, to see where the issues lay and create strategies to address them.


Time to run those numbers, let's look at the return of investment and where we should put those marketing dollars to make the most impact!

Communication Planning

Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, email campaigns...where to start?! Our team will customize your communication plan so that is effective and actionable.

Strategic Planning

Engaging and visually driven, our strategic planning sessions will bring your entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Our plans don't just sit on the shelf, they designed to take action!

Team Building

Building values driven, high performing teams and cultures, our group of skilled consultants can help your team get to the next level through our custom-tailered team building workshops.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

There is a high value of having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. Our team of consultants will take you through our customized training and set up feedback systems to bring awareness and change to your organization.

Leadership Development

Most of our clients understand the fundamentals of building effective teams, sometimes understanding isn't enough. Our consultants have developed trainings and coaching methods that are engaging and promote real change.

Creative Headshots

Forget that drab black backdrop! Environmental portraits shot by our photographers are a fun and unforgettable way to show the face of your organization to the world.

Professional Coaching

From acute issues to long-range development, we have three coaches on staff to help guide you to the next step. We use a combination of structure, self-awareness, and emergent conversations to bring jumble and confusion to clarity.

Content Creation

Whether content creation, media campaigns, headshots, our team of professional marketers and graphic designers can help with your pressing content needs. Not ready for content, no problem, we do visioning and branding as well!


Fantail has a number of facilitators trained to guide conversations, trainings, and other needed guided elements to move your group forward.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution for creativity and trust is central to our approach. Sometimes there calls for an outside facilitator to navigate difficult conversations, bring understanding and compassion to get relationship on track.

Pursuit Support

From research to strategy, to creating layouts and preparing your team for the interview. Fantail's talented group of professional marketers have worked with the regions most talented firms to create winning pursuits.

Award Submittals

Oh yes, it's here again, award submittal time! Our team has specialized experience writing and coordinating project award submittals of all types. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help!


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Your success and learning is the of upmost importance. We are process consultants – we will meet you where your challenges are, and work with you to build custom solutions.

  • IDEA

    You've got an idea, let's brainstorm! We love strategizing with clients to evolve ideas into reality.


    With the idea explored, our consultants will create a customized proposal with scope and costs.


    Our consultants will used a selected set of needs assessment tools to design a customized program.


    Developing the program elements is the final stage before delivery of training, planning, business, or marketing solutions.

  • Action

    Often interactive elements that move the idea forward into trainings, plans or other tangible items.


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